Software Suite for Logistics Engineering

Data sets generation, Inventory costs transparency, Footprint Modeling, AutoCAD drawing generation and much more

DEOPWARE benefits & values

Features overview

AutoCAD recognition

  • Automated recognition of AutoCAD building areas and racks cabinets
  • Calculated warehouse setup can be exported as AutoCAD

Data Generator

  • SKUs datasets generation
  • Orders turnout datasets generation
  • Scenarios generation

*All data is exportable to Excel spreadsheets for further manipulations.

Smart algorithms

  • Forward Reserve Problem algorithm for smart stock allocation
  • Footprint calculation
  • Stock calculation
  • Smart storage systems calculation
  • Facility costs calculation
  • MHE calculation
  • Racks Placement calculation

As the results of calculations:

  • Optimal racking systems selection
  • Costs per SKU to store
  • Footprint in sq. m to store goods
  • Shared warehouse vs new facility
  • Optimal density to utilization identified
  • Investment costs calculation
  • AutoCAD drawing generated automatically
  • Ready to send out quotation to your customer

Want to find out how DEOPWARE meets your current needs?

DEOPWARE will 100% suit if you are looking answers to the following questions:
  1. How to develop efficient facility AutoCAD layouts with 40% less efforts?
  2. How to identify the most efficient equipment or material-handling systems with 60% less efforts?
  3. How to achieve higher efficiency and transparency in analysis of my warehouse processes?
  4. How to figure out the best solution for my client in warehouse design optimization?
  5. How to evaluate efficiency of my current vs future logistics processes?
  6. How to determine various logistics requirements, i.e. facility footprint, MHE count, storage volumes, etc.?
  7. How to maximize efficiency of my distribution center taking into consideration capacity efforts, investment costs?
  8. How to detect logistics opportunities for process improvement & cost reduction?
  9. How to conduct logistics time studies and analysis automatically?
  10. How to determine feasibility of existing facilities or designing of a new facility?

Did not find your question? Don't worry, we just placed the top 10 questions. We are glad to cover your questions and discuss how can DEOPWARE meet your warehouse engineering needs in the individual web demo session.


1. Develop efficient facility AutoCAD layouts with 40% less efforts automatically.
2. Identify the most efficient material-handling systems with 60% less efforts.
3. Get transparent warehouse processes and warehouse costs split down by components.
4. Run scenarios in warehouse optimization to find the optimal solution for your customer.
5. Determine feasibility of shared warehouse vs new warehouse setup.
We are glad to cover your questions and discuss how can DEOPWARE meet your warehouse engineering needs in the individual web demo session.

About Us


DEOPWARE was inspired by logistics professionals having faced various software, which either did not meet their requirements or not user-friendly and therefore classified as a "waste of budgetal costs".

DEOPWARE was established as a joint venture by people who worked in different layers of logistics and therefore each angle of insight was considered and brought into the tool. As a result, we designed and manufactured step-by-step Software Suite, combining standard logistics approach and mathematical algorithms for logistics process automation.

We know... we all get used to Excel calculations, but if you ever thought about a smart tool to come up in future and automate your logistics engineering, reduce efforts and save costs - we have good news - Your Future Came Today! Start Your Future Today using DEOPWARE!

Best Regards, DEOPWARE team

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: is to enrich niche intralogistics areas with innovative IT-driven software solutions, bringing substantial savings to businesses due to automation.
Our Mission: is to re-innovate the process of logistics engineering especially for intralogistics needs in order to deliver accurate calculations for the end customer in fast and efficient way.

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